My Stori: The Next Chapter

If you’ve made it this far, chances are, you like to read or you’re just plain nosey. Great! We have two things in common already so please read on. This isn’t intended to be a long post; more of a ‘hello and welcome’ and a ‘thank you for visiting’ post.Since starting this new chapter (one I feel I was strangely bound for my whole life) I’ve been overwhelmed by the all support I’ve received – from my nearest and dearest and from those I’ve not been lucky enough to meet – yet. To the friends and family who’ve dutifully clicked ‘like’ on my Facebook page and to the Tweeters who are intrigued enough to follow me on Twitter – thank you.

Over the coming weeks we’ll learn more about each other. I want to show you what makes me tick – not just so I can prove I’m the right choice to craft your content or manage your media – but so you can understand what drives me to do what I do and, of course, why I do it so well.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with exactly what it is I do I’ll also write about that. I want to introduce you to the rapidly emerging world of social media and content marketing so you can appreciate just how essential it is to business in the 21st century.

And for those of you marketers who are old hands at this (and probably know a whole lot more than I do) I’ll write about topics which get us excited and frustrated.

I hope I’ll learn a bit about you too – whether you’re a prospective client, a like-minded writer or even my competition – I welcome your thoughts on my blog.

It has been said that ‘actions speak louder than words’. Fair point but that’s because they haven’t read my words yet.

By Tori Smith

Tori Smith is Stori’s founder, blogger and social media know-it-all.