Get SMART and build your content marketing strategy

Recently I’ve started to question exactly what it is our clients want from us. I think it’s only by talking to more and more people that you begin to get a feel for what the customer really wants, which isn’t necessarily what you assumed it would be.

I’m sure this is a familiar scenario for many SMEs and here at Stori we always listen to feedback because it means we can improve our service to you.

For instance, I’ve become increasingly aware that, whilst people know they should be marketing their SMEs through social media, they don’t know why they need to or even what social media marketing consists of.

Some clients don’t realise social media is, for the most part, a free marketing activity. Some, misled by their own personal social media experiences, believe it’s all about having the most likes or followers. And some just can’t make the connection between social media marketing and quantifying their return on investment.

All these customers have one thing in common – none of them have a content marketing strategy – they may think they do but, the truth is, unless the strategy is SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) it’s worthless.

So before you even consider setting up a Facebook fanpage, Twitter feed, YouTube channel or LinkedIn group for your SME you need to get your strategy sorted.

By asking yourself a few searching questions and being honest with your answers it’s possible to build a SMART and, more importantly, workable strategy compatible with your overall business aims.

‘Forget all you know or all you think you know’ (bonus point if you know the movie reference) and give yourself an hour to talk over your content marketing strategy with an expert.

Stori offer all prospective clients a FREE, no obligation, 1 hour consultation to discuss their content marketing plans.

Whether you want more from an existing strategy or just don’t know where to start we’ll be delighted to help you take your first steps in this exciting field of marketing.

We’re happy to come to your place of business (it’s where the magic happens so what better place to start?) or meet for a chat over a coffee – whatever suits you suits us.

The consultation is aimed at finding out a bit about you, your business and your market; your aims, objectives, hopes and ideas. Armed with this information we can start you on the right path to content marketing domination!

What are you waiting for? Click here to book your FREE consultation!

By Tori Smith, Stori’s founder, blogger and social media know-it-all.

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