Top 4 tips for promoting your blog with social media

So you’ve just created a stellar piece of content? Nice work! I bet you’re eager to sit down for a well-earned cuppa? Well, don’t pat yourself on the back too soon, you’ve still a way to go before being recognised internationally as the blogging big cheese!

No-one has a hope of finding your blog unless you put it out there, loud and proud! You must be proactive and promote your blog using as many relevant, digital channels as possible. There are many ways to get your blog noticed: syndication, guest blogging, online groups and newsletters, to name but a few. Social media offers a simple and easy solution to promote your content, and here’s our top four tips to do so effectively.

1) Provide a link to your blog on ALL your social media profiles

We cannot overstate the importance of blanketing your social accounts with messages explaining how to find your blog. How you do this is up to you. Write a post or send a tweet (several times, we might add), request a retweet or share from friends and colleagues, place the weblink somewhere visible, such as on your Facebook or Twitter cover photo (this is an easy, yet underutilised, way to promote new content).

Include social sharing buttons on every blog you write. This increases the likelihood of readers sharing your content with their connections, therefore, gaining you even more valuable, free exposure.

2) Create a hashtag

Hashtag campaigns are a great way for you to link your marketing strategy into one central theme and this applies to marketing your blogs too! You can strengthen your brand by attaching a memorable and snappy ‘hashtag’ that will make it easier to promote via several social channels.

Adopting a hashtag and using it consistently in your social media is a great way of establishing your online presence and extending the reach of your content. Hashtags are free, fun and – if you’re lucky – have the potential to go viral, propelling your blog to new heights.

3) Use LinkedIn to share your content with like-minded groups

It is very easy to be perceived as ‘spammy’ on LinkedIn so consider carefully how to promote blog posts here; we don’t recommend simply re-publishing them onto your profile or company page. Yes, sharing the link will promote the blog to other LinkedIn users, but it probably won’t encourage much traffic to it.

Your best chance of success on LinkedIn lies in the use of groups, and this takes both time and effort. LinkedIn hosts professional groups pertaining to every conceivable industry, so join the discussion and share, but be careful to avoid overkill – no-one wants a one-way discussion! By conducting meaningful discussions with fellow professionals through LinkedIn groups, you will not only drive traffic to your blog but also enhance your reputation for being a ‘subject specialist’ in your industry – a win-win!

4. Develop visual branding for Pinterest

Many small business owners ignore Pinterest, the online social media ‘pinboard’, but it’s a useful tool, even for promoting text-based content. It can be helpful to think of pins as the illustration for your blog post – choose a relevant image that catches the eye and really draws people in. Let’s face it, few people will be compelled to click by a bland, black and white page of text!

Ensure that article ‘rich pins’ are enabled on your website or blog (a simple plugin, in most cases). You can add additional text and web links to your pin to provide additional information.

So, are you keen to get started but unsure about some of the things we’ve mentioned? We can provide full support to businesses wanting to develop their online presence through digital marketing. Why not get in touch for a chat!

  • written by Steph Evans

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