Proofreading And Copy Editing

Whether your latest marketing materials need a quick scan with a fresh pair of eyes or your academic assignment needs that professional touch prior to submission Stori provides a comprehensive proofreading and copy editing service.

Which service do I need?

Proofreading Service

Our proofreading service is the right choice if your document is almost ready to go to print and just requires a final read through to check for minor mistakes and omissions. We promise a quick turnaround with our proofreading service, ideal for meeting those looming deadlines!

Our proofreading service is particularly suitable for all kinds of non-academic documents (see below).

Our proofreading service includes:

  • We will close-read your assignment from start to finish
  • We will provide the following corrections: punctuation, grammar, spelling, capitalisation and typing errors
  • Quick turnaround guaranteed

Copy Editing Service

Copy editing is the right choice if you require a comprehensive review of your writing. As well as conducting a full proofread of your writing, we will check the technical aspects of your document (such as footnotes and bibliography). We will also provide advice and guidance on the overall structure and layout of the document and, only with your permission, we will make these alterations.

Our copy editing service includes:

  • Alterations to the content or flow of the assignment, e.g. sentence structure, clarity of message, overall structure
  • Check citations, references, footnotes, bibliography etc.
  • Alteration to layout or formatting (to comply with institutional guidelines)
  • A final proofread is included in all copy editing orders
  • Our copy editing service is particularly suitable for all kinds of academic documents (see below).

    I’m still not sure!

    No problem! Contact us and we’ll advise you of the most suitable service for your requirements.

    Some of the document types we are proficient at proofreading and/or copy editing:


    • Web content, e.g. website or blog content
    • Marketing materials, e.g. leaflets, brochures
    • Books – fiction and non-fiction
    • Magazines
    • Articles
    • Manuals
    • Reports
    • Tenders and bids

    Academic (GCSE to PHD level)

    • Essays
    • Dissertations
    • Theses
    • Journal articles

    For full details of our proofreading and copy editing rates click here.

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